​Operating hours

Monday          9:00-5:00

Tuesday         9:30-5:30

Wednesday   9:00-5:00

Thursday       9:00-5:00

​Friday            9:00-5:00

Bare Bones ( no shampoo, no straight blade)                                  $19.00

Brush Cut ( Clipper only)                                                           $16.00

Premium Cut (shampoo, straight blade)                                         $22.00

Bare Bones Plus (no shampoo, with straight blade)                          $20.00

Beard Trim                                                                            $5.00

Beard Trim Plus (with hot towel and straight blade cheeks and neck)  $10.00

Hot Shave                                                                              $40.00

Childs Cut 10 years and younger                                                  $15.00

Eyebrow wax                                                                           $7.00

Women Long Hair Cut with wash and Blow dry                               $35.00

Women Long Hair Cut no wash                                                  $30.00

Women Short Hair Cut with wash and Style                                  $25.00

Women Short Hair Cut no wash or style                                       $22.00

**Prices include taxes.

Debit and Credit cards excepted 

We are  up and running at the base location, Just to the right of the Canex. Though the doors and to the right , across from the PSP Gym desk.  We can't wait to see you all.